Well educated. Good job. Well brought up. Living in a dream flat with her best friend.Doing her dream job. With a great circle friends.


You would not think she would spend 3 years in and out of a psychiatric hospital, be 33, have to move back home with her parents and lose touch with a majority of friends, isolating herself.


Well, this is me.


This is my life.


I am 1 in 4.

I had been working in fashion for 10 years.  After many ups and downs I was finally in a job for a high profile fashion label. l loved it.  I had an amazing boss and the best colleagues.  It was like working in a little family.

Then I got a new boss (who I could describe in many words but they would not be appropriate to write here!). She turned my world upside down as she picked apart everything I did.  I had always had low self-esteem and harshly judged myself but she just enhanced those feelings, making me feel more useless than ever.

After 6 months of trying I gave in and that was the end of me ever wanting to work in fashion (which had been my dream) .


This was the start of my mental health journey.


In reflection I had been suffering for a long long time but this experienced magnified it out of control.


From then I was unable to work for 4yrs going in and out of hospital, my life was on a total standstill and a life changing rollercoaster.


Finding Sophie again was a turning point in my recovery. We gave each other drive, ambition and motivation to embark on this exciting journey of Unravelling Minds!

I also write my personal blog Balloons and The Brain and am retraining to be a counsellor and at the same time managing my own mental health!!!

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This time five years, before reconnecting with Emma, I had got into one of the best courses in the country to study for my MA in Fine Art. I couldn’t believe that I’d got a place and I was ecstatic. Unfortunately that joy didn’t last as a month later my family received the news that my mum’s cancer had returned, well over 20 years since she was first ill, and she wouldn’t get better.


That autumn I was teaching at two different colleges and working on my MA all whilst going to appointments with my mum and hearing more bad news after more bad news. For the next two years things were really hard and emotionally draining, but I’m lucky that I had my course to distract me. Though I was suffering from really bad anxiety I kept going and even managed to finish my MA, not merely managing but excelling. My mum, however, died the week after my degree show.


It is hard for me to write about this as I’m not sure how much I want to say about something that involves more than just my own trauma, and many parts of my story are too personal to my other family members for me to say, but what I can say is that people who look like they are doing really well at traumatic times, people who are laughing and not crying, are the ones you need to be looking out for. 

I was one of those people and after a lot of trauma I had a breakdown. My mind didn’t know how to deal with everything I’d been through. It has taken me the last three years to come out the other side. Sometimes you just need to fall apart in order to rebuild. 



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Disclaimer:  The Cake Before Therapy Cafe is not supposed to take the place of professional treatment and therapy. For advice and help, please look at the list of amazing charities you can talk to here: www.mind.org.uk.

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